Our CEO Message

Lighthouse Solutions have founded to satisfy the needs of the enterprises for the professional information technology management services. We believe of the time value, the ability of our clients to judge on what they gain out of investing in information technology systems, and on professionalism of our service providing team.

Network Solutions

Working together, people can achieve extraordinary things. Empower networking & collaboration and innovation, everywhere.

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CCTV Solutions

American Dynamics products are the world's most widely adopted line of video-based security and integration solutions. Most of the top Fortune 500 companies choose our products to protect their assets, information and people

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IPTV solutions

Screens and display solutions, Indoor / outdoor / video walls / IPTV / normal screens are examples of the solutions provided. We are offering a lot of the brands such as / Samsung / Eurostar and others


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Our Company Values

Technology has been a major factor in business success. As business grows, so as our technology needs, we’ve seen businesses with great potential failed, as they spend more time solving technical problems rather than focusing on their business core. A key to business success is a well-designed, well-developed and efficient infrastructure that adapts to any changing business needs

In light of competition frenetic between companies in a rapidly changing world, it has become necessary to focus on the development sector in order to review and revise designs and existing technology, and increase the efficiency of production processes and improve existing products and develop new products to meet the competitors and the follow-up to the constant changes in the wishes of customers.

Our company can be this part of business as solution & service provider. Our professional style work and intelligent engineers we always find the right solution or service.

Be updated with new technology, be smart…



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