Display Solutions

Visualize what you imagine we are offering a business class

 screens and display solutions, Indoor / outdoor / video walls / IPTV / normal screens are examples of the solutions provided. We are offering a lot of the brands such as / Samsung / Eurostar and others


Create and update custom content directly on your PC with no hassle

Think it’s hard to create and present professional-looking content? Think again. lighthouse solutions provide easy-to-use tools for simple content creation, editing, scheduling and deployment. Just select the desired template from over 200 samples, customize the layout to your needs and then set the schedule for a convenient way to deliver your promotional content. With Samsung’s easy content management solution, you can easily create content with your PC.


Our Excellence in IPTV

IPTV, or Internet Protocol television, is a relatively new and still evolving technology that AT&T is using to deliver TV service. AT&T is the only national service provider to offer a 100-percent IP-based TV service, AT&T U-verseSM TV. IP technology means that your TV, PC, home phone and wireless devices can be integrated to all work together, giving you unmatched features, more control and more personalization.


We implement many IPTV project in hotels and big bulding in Jeddah, for advance services IPTV are smart solution for next generation technology